A region rich in culture and innovation

FAU in Europe

FAU is located at the heart of Europe. This is more than just a nice saying as you can see: these lines connecting the capital cities of Europe all lead to Erlangen-Nuremberg.

NurembergNuremberg and Erlangen are situated in one of the most scenic and economically successful parts of the world: Bavaria. The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is among the most cosmopolitan at the heart of Europe and has been a cultural fulcrum for centuries. Historic cities such as Prague and Munich as well as fairy-tale landscapes with castles overlooking mountains and lakes are all within easy reach.

Building on its long tradition and central location, the Nuremberg region has established itself as a powerhouse driving Germany’s economic success. The University works closely with leading international research organisations such as the Max Planck Society and Fraunhofer institutes as well as with Bavaria’s innovative start-ups and global players including Siemens, BMW, Adidas and the Schaeffler Group. This unique regional dynamic offers young, ambitious researchers highly rewarding employment and networking opportunities.


NurembergThe region is also a haven for relaxation and adventure in your spare time. The city of Nuremberg is home to more than half a million people. Its numerous historic buildings, green spaces and safe environment make it one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions and one of the most highly rated cities for quality of life in the whole of Germany. Erlangen is a bustling university city – around a quarter of its 100,000 inhabitants are students. Nearby, a true natural paradise awaits. The ancient forests, hills and meadows of “Franconian Switzerland” attract ramblers, rock climbers and cyclists in equal measure.

A further aspect of Bavarian life merits a mention of course: the world-renowned quality of its beer and brewing traditions that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. The region of Nuremberg and Erlangen boasts the highest density of breweries in the whole of Europe and an equally impressive number of beer gardens encouraging recreation during the warm summer months.

(Images: FAU)