The making of our Paleontological Open Research Challenge!

In this event, you are tasked with developing a data cleaning framework for paleontological occurrence data. It was quite hard to come up with a topic for this competition to start with and we decided to go with the very fundamental challenges that we face when we, as paleontological researchers, work with large amounts of data.

A lot of our time is spent reviewing and cleaning said data before we are even able to carry out our analyses. As this is a hurdle that all paleontological researchers must face, we wanted to put out this challenge for the bright and creative young minds out there.
Do you have an idea how to get rolling?

We are open to any workflow that you may have in mind and you are of course not restricted to the initial framework that we suggested. Mixed teams from different disciplines are more than welcome to join.

Our tips for you:

  1. Spend some time getting comfortable with the data before starting with developing your cleaning model.
  2. Mind the gaps! The outliers in the data can serve as a guide to the issues with the data.
  3. The quality of the literature from which the occurrence dataset is derived may also provide with some more clues on the reliability of the data.

We are more than happy to help where we can so please feel free to reach out (at nussaibah.raja.schoob@fau.de) if you have any questions or concerns.

Our gift for you:

If you're an active participant in the Paleontological Open Research Challenge, you will receive an FAU Goodie Package and you are more than welcome to register for our International Newsletter that we regularly send out.

Good luck!