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Google Flights
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Vacation planning should be easier: Google has made the booking even faster and this directly from the Google search allows.

If you want to book a flight or accommodation quickly, you can look forward to it. Hotel and flight bookings based on Google search results are faster. For example, on the results page, users can now find photos of hotels that can be reviewed without leaving the results page. The filtering by date and price is possible with both air and hotel search.

Screenshot for Google Flight Search mobile

(Screenshot: )

Practical is also the arrangement of the new air and hotel search on separate tabs, with which one can switch easily between the offers for flights and accommodation. For undecided, a spreadsheet called "More Destinations" has more destinations available.

More comfortable travel planning on mobile devices
The purpose of the changes is to make travel planning more comfortable on mobile devices. "The process is often cumbersome because we need to use different devices to gather all the information we need - especially on the smartphone," said Eric Zimmerman, Director of Travel Product Management at Google in the Google blog .

A new feature called "Your Trips" allows a complete overview of the already booked, but also the already completed trips. Here the reservations from Gmail are bundled - of course only by the individual user observable.

Facilitation for the user, but risk for travel portals
The update could ultimately bring about a simplification for the user and merge data bundled. It’s clear that Google is taking full advantage of its power position and is broadening its scope to new topics / industries to keep users directly on the Google platform. Under certain circumstances, the update may cause users to stop using the meta search engines for flights. Renowned travel portals (kayak, skyscanner, swoodoo, etc.) could suffer a drop in traffic. Positive for the travel search engines, however, is that the Google Update was previously published only on mobile devices. Thus, while it represents a new competition, it is limited to users with mobile devices. The function may also be extended to Desktop, which could seriously affect search engines for flights and hotels in the future. Personally, I prefer to use the desktop for booking holidays or flights. How are you all doing?
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