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  • The submission of solutions to the individual challenges is open from July 1st  until August 9, 12 pm CEST (extended deadline!)
  • Solutions can be submitted by teams only (also see under “Rules”).
  • The final submission to this challenge has to include the following:
    • A feasible timetable for each given problem instance respecting all the above requirements with respect to the given data
    • A report in form of a PDF file documenting your modelling of the problem as well as your solution approach
    • Every solution has to be checked and approved with the “solution checker”, a programme written in Python which verifies the format and correctness of your solutions. It is available at the description page of the challenge under “Material”. The solution checker comes in a ZIP-archive that also contains two sample solutions illustrating the required solution format. For additional descriptions, please check the sections “The Challenge” and “Discussion”.   
    • The completed “team submission form”. Download
  • Name the solution file unequivocally: Name of the Challenge_Team Name, e.g.: “Discrete-Optimization_Team-FAU”
  • You may upload and delete files in your folder during the entire submission phase in order to refine your solution. Thus, we advise you to overwrite existing files with the latest version. If there are different solution files in your folder on submission day, the latest version will be selected for review.



  1. Make sure your solution file meets the requirements specified above.
  2. Fill in a title for your submission below. Use the same title as for your solution file.
  3. Upload your solution file by clicking the button “Attach file”
  4. Click the submit button.


If the solution file’s size exceeds 20MB, please use our FTP-Server to upload your file.

We recommend using the client Filezilla or WinSCP by specifying FTP as File protocol.

[Update1: The directory is not listable with these login credentials. So other teams will not be able to access your submitted materials.

Update 2: Since it made a lot of trouble, we switched off Explicit TLS/SSL encryption. Just connect with plain ftp]

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