The concept in brief

For the second time, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is asking interested international researchers or research teams to participate in the Open Research Challenge. The focus of this year’s global online competition lies on personalized Medical Engineering in Gait Disorders – inviting advanced master students, doctoral candidates or postdoctoral researchers to embark on an exciting journey to discover intelligent solutions supporting medical experts with personalized and disease-specific visualizations of gait impairments, even though the doctor is not present. The challenge asks researchers to submit a walking-visualization-tool of gait sequences based on given inertial sensor-based gait recordings acquired using intelligent engineering technology  developed at FAU.

Seeing is believing: Doctors want to see how the patient was walking - even if they cannot see the patient. The innovative visualization tool should help medical experts to get a visual impression of the gait impairments experienced by their patients - not only during ambulatory visits to the hospital but also during everyday life in the patients’ home environment. By joining the challenge and submitting your approach, you will be given the chance to significantly contribute to comprehensive medical care concepts. The winners of the challenge are invited to an all-expense-paid one-week trip to Germany to showcase their innovative solution and meet the professors behind the challenge in October 2017.

Join this community of young researchers from all over the world in tackling the research challenges! This is your chance to visit and enjoy Germany – land of ideas, where even the head of government is a former research scientist: physicist Dr. rer. nat. Angela Merkel.

Background of the project

ORC Team
The “Open Research Challenge” itself is a winner of a challenge. In 2015 it was awarded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) as one of three winning concepts in the competition “International Research Marketing”. This competition promotes ideas to enhance the visibility and appeal of German research abroad and attract highly qualified researchers, either to participate in collaborative projects with German researchers or to visit Germany for research purposes.

In fact the “Open Research Challenge” puts the focus on both of these aspects. It intends to boost interest in German research, but also to enable international researchers to collaborate with their FAU colleagues and international partners in their fields of interest. With this competition specifically designed for ambitious young academics, the FAU also wanted to stress innovation and creativity, the key properties of successful researchers. 

The first FAU Open Research Challenge consisted of three challenges, one in each of FAU’s eight major research areas. The tasks from 2015 are still accessible in the archive:

We are happy to be given the chance to represent “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas” and look forward to welcoming our international guests.

More information on the DFG programme can be accessed under: