A flower greeting from the ANNOtator Challenge

We would like to start our challenge with a little virtual flower greeting right from the start.

Anyone who thinks of trading in the early modern period may remember the heavy gold galleons and silver shipments from America, spices and silks from the Far East, or the dire chapters of the slave trade.

But even in the 16th and 17th centuries, there was a brisk trade in flowers. This culminated in the Tulip Mania 1637. In the Netherlands, the price of rare tulip bulbs continued to rise until a crash occurred that seriously damaged the Dutch economy in its golden age. But the tulips survived in wonderful Dutch and Flemish still lifes and until today the Netherlands are an important exporter of flowers.  

As our flower gift we send hand-marked lilies from annunciation scenes and automatically retrieved Flemish flower bouquets. And with the tulips we present a possible commodity for the ANNOtator.

Think about different goods for trading in your ANNOtator game design and try to create adventures in the game and the art tagging. That is our challenge.

Hand-marked lilies from annunciation scenes, Iconographics Project, 2020

Posted 05.11.2020 by Kathrin Gerstner